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The EndoWrist was created for use in an animation commissioned by Dr. Hal Roberts to demonstrate a type of cardiac cryoablation therapy involving the da Vinci Surgical System used in conjunction with the EndoWrist. Both the da Vinci Surgical System, and the EndoWrist are surgical devices developed and produced by Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

The EndoWrist was modeled in Autodesk Maya, and textured using Maya procedural shaders. Movement and articulation of the EndoWrist was accomplished via attributes acting as controls for a combination of expressions and constraints linked to a hierarchy of groups. Groups were used in place of a joint based skeleton to allow for easy and rapid replacement of the EndoWrist's tool tips or additions/alterations to be made to the casing, while preserving all expression and constraint links, should the need to do so have arisen in the future. Simulated movement of the control ropes was achieved via UV animation. Render passes were rendered in Maya and composited using Adobe After Effects.

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